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Pioneer DJ & OFF WHITE | DDJ-1000-OW

Setelah sukses dengan kolab dahsyat antara Pioneer DJ dengan Virgil Abloh di CDJ 2000 NXS2 dan DJM 900 NXS2, kali ini di produk terbaru yaitu DDJ 1000 Off White (OW). Controller dengan Edisi terbatas ini, punya warna memikat, putih di satu sisi dan di satu deck berwarna merah, plus layar berwarna untuk tracking BPM, harganya juga mahal dan kabarnya sudah out of stock. Berbarengan dengan rilisnya produk ini, Off-White juga meluncurkan edisi pakaian ‘Sound Engineering’ seperti hoodie, jaket dan kaus.

Introducing the limited-edition DDJ-1000-OW, an exclusive collaboration with Off-White™. Available in limited numbers globally from Pioneer DJ from mid-July as a part of our wider collaboration project: Pioneer DJ c/o Off-White™.

As the founder of Off-White™ and one of the most important artistic directors in the fashion scene, Virgil Abloh had a deep desire to create DJ equipment that explores the unity and harmony of music with Pioneer DJ.

Based on the concept of “SOUND ENGINEERING,” Pioneer DJ and Off-White™ completed “DDJ-1000-OW” through a determined artistic process. The fluorescent orange and matte white asymmetrical colors and tagline printing bring a unique look to the DDJ-1000 DJ controller, which offers both high performance and portability.

The controller inherits the highly regarded layout of the CDJ-2000NXS2 and DJM-900NXS2 setup, which is widely regarded by professional DJs as the club standard for DJ gear.

In line with the release of the DDJ-1000-OW, Off-White™ plans to launch a “SOUND ENGINEERING” capsule collection including clothing and accessories, also in collaboration with Pioneer DJ.




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